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Time Capsule

Hardin Hollow

The Bigger They Are The Hardin They Fall

Between A Rock And AHardin Place

The Cold Hardin Facts Of Life

1957 (An Epic of the 1950s)

Hank Wilton And The Rovin' Rangers

The Bigger They Are, The Hardin They Fall
(Hardin Hollow II)

Short Stories & Novellas

The Ice Storm Chronicles Vol. I

The Ice Storm Chronicles Vol. II


Santa’s Kittens &
Mrs. Hobbs Takes A Vacation


Pulp Poetry

Non Fiction

First Marine on Japan

301 FW
 The Early Days
   Thuds and Phantoms

Buddy Holly's Britbike

If Ignorance Is Bliss,
I Must Have Been Ecstatic

Thong Trees Of NW AR.

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